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Hot hands body warmer keeps my back moving & my daughters Ovarian Cyst/period pain at ease! We’d be lost without this product! Also take them camping etc! We have them stashed in the cupboard, handbag & car glovebox always. 🙂


The Winner of Week 7

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Mum of teenage daughter whose period cramps are worse in Winter, adhesive body warmers are life-savers! Adhesives stuck to her clothing tummy area, provides discreet, natural and effective relief for her during school. Social embarrassment from frequent sick-bay trips is eradicated, and pain no longer ‘cramps’ her style.


The Winner of Week 6

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(H)and warmers
(O)utside or inside use
(T)oe warmers
(H)olds heat for long period
(N)ice price
(D)iverse range of products
(S)porting events must have!


The Winner of Week 5

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I have been a sufferer of Chilblains my whole life, mostly my feet, but this year it has happened to my hands, so I use them inside my gloves, as my hands could still be cold even with the gloves on.


The Winner of Week 4

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As the mum of three sporty boys, my weekends are spent watching them play footy. It’s the highlight of my week, but at times the cold air can be brrrrrutal. HotHands hand and toe warmers take away those chills so I can enjoy the thrills!


The Winner of Week 3

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HotHands Toe Warmers are life changing! Me and my partner love to go camping in the cooler months but my feet are always freezing! HotHands Toe Warmers make sure that my feet always stay toasty warm, I just can’t go on a camping trip without them now, they’re amazing!


The Winner of Week 2

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As a forklift driver in a freezing warehouse, I rely on HotHands for warmth. I use them in my gloves, pockets, and cargo pants to stay comfortable and focused throughout my shift. HotHands provide me with essential warmth, making my work more bearable.


The Winner of Week 1